Vintage Motorcycle Parts & Spares

We have over 20,000 parts and what not available. The parts listed in the selections below are just a sampling of what we have. We are constantly updating the site with more items. If you do not see what you want contact us and we can get it for you.

Give us an email about the parts you need for your project and we can customize an order for you.

Modernising part numbers

Along the way old style part numbers were converted into a 6 digit numerical format (xx-xxxx). As a rule the old number gets 0s added on to the front. With anything there are exceptions.

BSA part numbers:

  • 2-123 converts to 02-0123
  • 40-45 converts to 40-0045
  • 68-123 converts to 68-0123
  • 97-789/77 converts to 97-0789/77

Triumph part numbers:

  • S1234 (4 digits) converts to 21-1234
  • W1234 (4 digits) converts to 37-1234
  • T1234 (4 digits) converts to 57-1234
  • D1234 converts to 60-1234
  • E1234 converts to 70-1234
  • E12345 (5 digits) converts to 71-2345
  • F1234 (4 digits) converts to 82-1234
  • F12345 (5 digits) converts to 83-2345
  • H1234 converts to 97-1234

Some S numbers became 60-