Lately I have had decent luck with bikes. Finding ones I want, having them actually running, and then the rally hit.
Well take any 39 year old bike out for more then 100 miles and something will happen. The first two days it was the belle of the ball (1, 2, 3, can't find the others).

The ride on Sunday took it's toll. Earlier the tail lamp running light went out, no biggy. Somehow during the day in the bulb one of the leads running to the filament melted and joined the lead for the brake lamp. This scenario drained my battery.

Time passed and I had not actually gotten on any of the bikes for almost the whole summer (I call that a mix of bad luck and being able to walk to work). Then I get a call from Larry. He would like to know if I could take a look at this BSA someone wanted to trade for a scooter. Well, as it turns out it is one I have always admired, a 1968 B44.

Good luck returns, I have the BSA and Larry's customer has his scoot. We are all very happy. Now i am in the process of removing two bikes from the collection.

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