scooters at the garage

A little over 21 years ago I bought my first bike, well bikes. For under 350$ I ended up with two Honda CL350s a leather jacket and a helmet. A few months later a 1979 Triumph Bonneville replaced those two.

A few years go by…

A quick change up to a BSA Royal Star (500 twin). I also pick up a BSA Hornet rotting away in someone's shed and sell it for parts.

Year or two later, BSA = tuition for a semester.

Somewhere a Honda MB5 (50cc) showed up. Then one day I decided to buy a Vespa, and ended up with a GS160. Soon after comes the Ariel KH and the BSA Sunbeam.

Don't forget the CB77, the V90 and the Primavera.

Oh, did I mention the B44 Victor Special?

Well, I still have the Ariel and the leather jacket. The B44 is going to be in the hands of a friend in a week or two.

Looking back, you start to realize what you want to be doing versus what you are doing.

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