This is the inaugural shirt in a series that will be rolling out every fortnight. Every two weeks we will be releasing a shirt that has been designed by one of the awesome folks we know and respect. They are a mix of designers, artists, moto folks and all but one ride (sorry Frank). Each shirt will be announced on a Tuesday and available to purchase from then until early Friday morning (before 9).
So far involved in this project:

This first shirt was drawn up in cooperation with Frank McShane. Frank is an incredible illustrator, as well as the shops landlord. Both Frank and I have a love of vintage (20s, 30s and 40s) design and illustration which made him perfect to work with on the design of a logo refresh for the shop and translating that into a shirt design.

Shirts are available for purchase from now until this Friday (Feb 8) at 9 am. They will ship after being printed next week. So… stop hesitating and buy your shirt now!

Update: these shirts are no longer on sale

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