Rudge Whitworth

Rudge Whitworth

Right now most folks lust for the post war days of motorcycling. Dominators, Goldies, Bonnevilles, Tigers… those are the bikes that stir the imagination. Engines that could pull the ton and brakes that were not always willing. While I love these bikes and would not blink in getting a chance on one, it is the bikes made between the wars that I think truly capture what it is I love about things on two wheels.

The depression and then the war saw the end to many moto manufacturers here and in Britain. Many of the more unique and innovative makes lost out to the austerity of the post war years that could not afford their top end offerings and some like Rudge had been repurposed for the war effort and never came back.

That brings us to shirt number 2 - Rudge Whitworth. RW is probably one of my favorites of these makes. Like many in their day they started as bicycle manufacturers and soon dabbled in bikes and cars alike.

Remember these specific shirts are a limited time offer and are available for purchase until this Friday (Feb 22) morning (offline around 10).

Shirts will be 100% cotton black Tees made by Canvas and 20$ each.

I have addressed some issues we had with shipping for the first one. On the shipping page choose the fortnight deal and shipping will be 4$ per 2 shirts, and 12$ being the max cost for 5 or more shirts shipped within the US. I am working on costs for shipping to the UK and Europe and will update those soon.

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