Or, a list of things we should have done last year

For many of us this crazy weather has kept us off two wheels and allowed for too much of that year end introspection. Here are a few things we all should consider as the new year and the next riding season rolls in.

Get in shape

Add this one to 2013's top 10 of broken resolutions. Being fit is an obvious one of course, but you do not have to be one of your annoying facebook friends that only post updates on how far they ran, etc. I thought burpee was a seed company and why are you sending these updates at 10 am, get to work you lazy bastards. 

Ride Apart has a pretty good article with more factoids than I care to type. Read it!

Be an example 

In the shadow of the insanity that transpired in New York this past year and all the 180 mph videos on the internet, we need to present a better side to our fellow road users. This even goes into us taming our response when those we share the road with endanger our lives. We all need to show the world that we are not the stereotypes the media make us out to be.

Wear your protection

This goes for all the scenarios that pop into your dirty little mind. I don't care how it feels or how it makes you look, get over yourself and show the ones in your life that want you around a little respect.

Need I mention we offer 15% off MSRP on Vanson Leathers? Give us a buzz and we can order one for you.

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Really, how else is the shop going to afford Supercamp this year?

In other shop news

The daily running of things this past year has seen some of our side projects pushed to the side. I have been asked about them enough to make sure they happen again. So…  In February we plan on reviving the fortnight series of shirts - new shirts will be offered at least every month and our 'In the Shop' podcast should be getting updated monthly as well.

In March look for the return of our our First Friday events as well as the Return of Swap Thing (our swap meet).

Have a good new year! 


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