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What is playing at the shop…

There are few artists that remain as strong through the years or inspire as much as Patti Smith. If you listened to college radio in the early 80s, like me, there is no doubt you heard her version of “Gloria”. It has as much punch today as it did then, spine tingling and as powerful as the rest of the album Horses

Late nights in the shop require a little more energy than what caffeine can provide and Patti can provide that energy with a soundtrack that has been keeping me going since I heard it on my local(ish) college radio (thanks WPRB).

If you do not know the raw power and glory that is Patti Smith or just need a reminder, give Horses a listen:

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1 thought on “What is playing at the shop…

  1. I’ve been a motorcycle rider and a Patti Smith fan since 1975. Most days, her music fills my personal shop at home (along with Pink Floyd, Neil Young, White Stripes, The Doors, Evanescense, Warren Zevon, Jefferson Airplane, John Prine, and Johnny Cash). My bikes:
    ’72 Norton Commando, ’46 Norton Model 18, ’66 Triton project, ’76 BMW R75/6, ’81 Yamaha XV920R cafe racer, ’67 Triumph Bonneville Bobber, ’76 Kawasaki KZ 900 project, ’95 Buell S2 Thunderbolt, ’02 Buell M2 Cyclone, and a few donor bikes.
    Bob Lincoln

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