In the ongoing saga over the Quaker City Motor Works shop name, I have started a Go Fund Me in order to pay the retainer for a lawyer.

Backstory: Triumph Philadelphia/Manayunk Triumph recently changed their name to Quaker City Motor Sport. Before this was in use I had reached out to their Dealer Principal and informed him how it is amazingly similar to my shop name and that both shops are in the motorcycle biz (even with the same brand) that he should not go forth with the name, because it would cause confusion in the marketplace. Much to my dismay he has proceeded with the name change.

It is my goal that the lawyers talk and come up with an amiable settlement that does not injure either of our businesses.

I know many of you are taken back and outraged, but please do not disparage his shop or leave nasty comments on any of their social media accounts. Philadelphia is a small community and I know folks who work there and they are decent folk.

If you feel so inclined here is the link to the Go Fund Me page.


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