We are getting a late start on this project. It arrived at the shop close to a year ago, but beyond the theoretical we have not been able to start work in earnest on it until now (sorry Nick).

The customer has requested a light cafe approach to the Honda's resurrection. Lower bars, different seat, alloy rims, etc. is in the planning. On the back shelf I have some fairings I am interested in possibly using if he is game.

Yesterday, Mike and I starting the initial tear down to see what we have to deal with and despite what appeared to be a decent condition barn find there are two things that gave me pause. First, the tank exterior is fine, but it is filled with rusty sludge and the top is very thin and flexible. Second, the electric seems super toasted as there was no juice going through the system with a battery hooked up and some basic voltage tests - not catastrophic, but just frustrating.

Today we popped out the carbs and put them in the ultrasonic cleaner. They will need several rounds as the bottoms are filled with sludge.

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