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Project management is like 20/50

Old & New

Working on bikes, crazy analogies pop up…

The project is a motorbike. Creative has the spark. Development gets the crank turning. QA approves each new gear.

The account rep is the driver while the client is sitting on the back yelling faster and screaming directions.

To keep this machine running we need a project manager/lubrication system. As load and demand on the engine increases the oil needs to flow for it to run smooth. Instead of oil, assets and approvals maybe the occasional warning light for oil pressure or engine temp to slow the driver down.

The piston on the left is what happens to your people when the project management/lubrication fails.

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The Whimsy Coefficient

parson 5

People question my love of arcane and ancient motorcycles. To understand my obsession ask yourself what you think would be a more enjoyable afternoon. Strapping your self in a brand new 4000$ titanium bicycle dressed in spandex, or taking a jaunt dressed up all dapper on a three speed? If you pick the three speed, you know what I am talking about.

Sure, I could buy a new motorcycle. It would work, need little attention, and be reliable. If I did that, would it really be the same? Is it about hopping on two wheels and driving fast or getting there in style with a smile on your face and a sense of accomplishment.

My Wife’s Grandmother used to tell stories of driving their Model T around and having to stop and throw the floorboards in the ditch when they started melting their shoes. To me that sounds like a blast.

Where is the joy and excitement in ultra-reliable bikes? I rarely will take a bike if I actually want to get there anyway.

This is the Whimsy Coefficient.

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First Camera

the dude and his camera
I gave in this year and let the kids have their own camera. I almost feel guilty. It may be digital, but the dc260 is a clunker. By the time they want to take the second shot it is finally taking the first. Need to find them a camera like my first one, an Olympus RC35.

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Over a month has passed since the move back to the home office. Now I remember why I went and moved into an office in the first place. The one big positive about the office is that it isolates you from your own reality. At home it is always easy to find things to waste the better part of a day. Another problem with the home office, is the proximity to coffee. This for many is normal and a required part of the day. The problem is normal coffee bores me. What I crave is espresso and café latté. These urges in can be easily controlled by cost and access. Walking to the coffee shop and dropping four dollars for a coffee will slow down your consumption. The problem at home is temperance.

Day one back home, I pulled the old Krups espresso machine out and within three days I had a habit. Within the month I burnt the machine out. A week of de-tox has sent me straight to Amazon and the ordering of a new Moka Express. I will miss the frothy steamed milk, but damn I need that caffeine.